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›… We are so happy to have gotten to know you as a midwife. Your knowledge and your skill, and especially the clarity with which you implement these, are what carried us through the fast-paced hours of the delivery. Through you we summoned the courage, the strength and the peace of mind to welcome our daughter to the world. It turned out to be unimportant where the birth took place, be-cause you were at our side. You were always there for us throughout the ›lying-in›. You gave Ella the gift, not of her first steps, but of the vitally import-ant first bath. For all of this we want to send you our heartfelt thanks!‹
Sabine, Sebastian and daughter Ella

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›It meant so much to us that you accompanied us through this exceptional time. You were a wonderful midwife for us. Thank you so much for the labor pains you enacted for us, for the stomach massage, and for your sensitivity...‹
Anna, Sebastien and Son Kasper

›While just reading your fine birth report about Emil we found ourselves shedding a few emotional tears. It is wonderful to have this kind of a memory of the birth of a child. Aside from that, we wanted to thank you again:
for your determination, the patience that you had with us, and the composure that you exuded when we were so nervous, which gave us such security. The birth experience was a beautiful one...‹
Lona & Jan with Luis & Emil

›Thanks so much for all the help and advice and massage you gave me during antenatal care and lying-in-time. I really appreciated it! (...) Thanks for always speaking english with me – that was awesome!!!‹
Sincerely the Canadians

›Today is the official end of the post-natal care period and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
It was unbelievably good to know that you were at my side, and you simply gave me a good feeling in the months before and after the birth.‹
Katja and family

›Many thanks for your magnificent attendance during the pregnancy, birth, and post-natal recovery.
You initiated an unforgettable home birth...‹
Eka, Mandou and Malia

›Thanks to your help, the beginning of our family life as a foursome was a big success, and despite certain stressful situations in our household, this time we were able to avoid mastitis...‹
Anna & husband with their 2 children

›The memory of Anna's birth is very important and very beautiful for us.
Thank you again for everything!‹
Katrin, Ingo & Anna

›Thanks so much for your terrific birth report. In the meantime we have read it quite often, and each time we cry tears of joy. Leopold's birth was a beautiful experience for us. With your guidance we felt very secure and at ease.‹
Saskia & Tobias

›Once more, many thanks for the untiring and patient support during the birth of our son.
It will always remain an unforget-table night for us!›
Lehmann family

›Again, a thousand thanks for your loving attendance during the birth of our little Merle, for the encouragement and also for the words of comfort...‹
Kristina & Thorsten

›It was a wonderful time with you as the leading midwife- the pregnancy, delivery, and post-natal care – I'd like to thank you for it all. (...)The photos from the birth recall the tender, calm atmosphere in the room,
in my opinion. Thanks a bunch for the lovely supervision during both births! You even got us through Raoul's ›drinking crisis‹,
at the beginning.‹
Raoul, Eleonore, Arthur, Henry and Lisa