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Pre-natal classes take place every 6 weeks in the birth house, on weekends from
10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Knowledge overcomes fear! The more you know about what happens with you and your baby during the separate phases of the birth, the more confidence you will have in your own body and your own abilities. Self-confidence and inner strength are essential for the birth, regardless of where your child first sees the light of day.
As a result we will go over the phases of the birth in detail.

I will explain how you assist your baby during the birth. Through the benefit of breathing and relaxation exercises you will learn to tolerate, accept, and master the birthing pains.
Your partner shoulders an important responsibility and can actively support you during the birth, for example through massage, but also "just by being there."
This course is also informative for your partner.
And you have my promise: there will be no panting!!!

Additional subjects are: painkillers during delivery, fetal heart tones and monitoring them, baby care, nursing and post-partum care and much more.


I offer recovery courses 6 weeks after the birth. I teach Cantienica – Kegel exercises,
a specialized form of recovery. During the pregnancy and birth the pelvic diaphragm is
under extreme duress. Afterwards it must be trained again in order to recover full capacity.
You can conquer your pelvic diaphragm again with my help! For more information on this subject see the internet address in my links.

In a total of 10 hours I will teach you a variety of exercises, and together we will develop an effective training program. You can come alone or bring your baby with you.

It is strongly recommended to sign up early (ca. 2-4 weeks after the birth) in the birth house to insure getting in!! There is a large demand for this course.