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Regular pre-natal checkups are mandatory according to the maternity guidelines,
in order to monitor the course of the pregnancy as well as to detect any potential irregularities at an early stage. Assuming the responsibilty for these checkups is
one of my services, if you choose. During these checkups I:
• have plenty of time and patience for your questions
• explore with you the issues of each particular month of pregnancy as well as
• broach important issues pertaining to the birth
• examine your abdomen in order to ascertain the position and size of the baby
• listen to the fetal heart tones
• carry out urine and blood tests as well as
• perform vaginal smear tests, if neccessary
• monitor your blood pressure

If complications should arise during the pregnancy, I provide supportive
assistance through consultations, accupuncture, and homeopathic treatments,
for example in the case of:
• breech presentation of the baby
• premature labor
• water retention, varicose veins
• elevated blood pressure
• glucose intolerance
• morning sickness
• iron deficiency

A cooperative working relationship with your gynocologist is something I take to heart, especially in the rare case of illness correlated to the pregnancy.

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As a midwife I provide natal care for a birth at home or in a birthing center.
With my knowledge and experience I am ideally suited to support you and your
partner during the birth of your child.

This is one of the most fascinating occurrences that you will ever experience through your own strength and power. Therefore it is of utmost importance that you and your supporting partner feel safe and secure. This requires trust and a soothing atmosphere in order for you to fully unfold.

Whether you decide on delivery in a birth house or at home, we will explore the expectations and requirements of either through a detailed consultation.
I work in the birth house ›Am Treptower Park‹ in close association with many other midwives. I am pleased to be able to offer you the option of a water birth at home.
I can provide you with a birthing pool developed especially for this purpose.

If you prefer hospital delivery, I can provide extensive advice and counselling. Together we can find a hospital that will suit your needs.

Post-partum care takes place in the first days and weeks after the birth of your child.
I will be on hand with help and advice for you during these new developments.

After you have delivered your child, you will find you need a period of quiet with lots of time for yourself and your baby. Initially I will make daily calls to you at your home. As time progresses we will make individual arrangments for further appointments. During the course of these visits we will talk about breast feeding, nursing positions, your diet and recovery, and I will facilitate you with the care of your baby.

Almost all parents are gifted with a high measure of intuition when it comes to dealing with their child. Nobody understands your child better than you yourself.
My role is to support and reinforce you during this process. Depending on individual needs I am available to you for a period of four to eight weeks after the birth.
At the same time close cooperation with a pediatrician is very important.